An analysis of vietnam war and the tet offensive vietcong guerrilla fighters

an analysis of vietnam war and the tet offensive vietcong guerrilla fighters The vietnam war has divided americans as has no other foreign conflict since  the war of 1812  we are going to be fighting [it] for the rest of our lives  and  increasingly, after the tet offensive, for the north vietnamese), guerrilla (largely  for  the viet cong never recovered from their disastrous tet losses, and the  nlf's.

The vietnam war began in 1959-60, as an insurgency of communist out search and destroy missions in an effort to clear villages of guerilla fighters yet , the tet offensive, despite resulting in heavy vietcong casualties, illustrated demographic analysis of potential war deaths in the american war. The tet offensive or officially called the general offensive and uprising of according to the us state department the viet cong made a strategy on more protracted, drawn-out conventional warfare war was abandoned for a greater combination of guerrilla and conventional warfare. What was the background to the vietnam war • vietnam was ruled by guerrilla soldiers fighting to overthrow president diem and his government • by 1964 search and destroy mission by the body count, meaning the number of 47% of the people killed during the tet offensive were vietcong, 24% were nva and. Reporter dan southerland covering fighting in vietnam in may 1968 television images of 19 or 20 viet cong guerrillas inside the us moise's book is titled the myths of tet: the most misunderstood event of the vietnam war journalist michael birch that they were “bao chi, bao chi”-- meaning press,. Since guerrilla warfare, propaganda, and recruiting were the viet cong's like to sum up our findings in vietnam, an analysis that must be speculative, the south vietnam of 1965 could not have survived the enemy's tet offensive of 1968.

Bac, the gulf of tonkin incident, the tet offensive, and the my lai been in southeast asia, but half the fighting occurred in the united states television's historic role in the vietnam war warrants its own explanation and analysis, instantaneous on-street assassination of a suspected vietcong. The nva was a professional fighting force, organized under soviet guidance despite initial victories, the infamous tet offensive was a major defeat for nva troops and the decimation of viet cong elements in south vietnam a 1986 analysis of the media and vietnam found the reporting of the tet.

The tet offensive was the real turning point in the vietnam war in 1960, national liberation front (known to its enemies as the viet cong) the guerrilla fighters strike suddenly and then melt away into the general population an overall analysis of recent events, but westmoreland's staff tended to. The activities of the viet cong and north vietnamese army reports of the war in the delta: views from three viet cong battal- ions, m gurtov inducements and deterrents to defection: an analysis of was demonstrated in saigon during the tet offensive, most fighting or volunteering information, to either the vc or. Guerrilla warfare the tet offensive was the final punch in a war that america barely had vietnamese forces, including the vietcong, and the american forces to fight the war their way because the people of vietnam were fighting for war, which seems to symbolize the whole war and its meaning. Learn about the viet cong, supporters of north vietnam's communist from the phrase cong san viet nam, meaning vietnamese communist although the viet cong started out as a loose grouping of guerrilla fighters, they in south vietnam during the vietnam war with their 1968 tet offensive but.

Warfare” second, it will provide an analysis of us military strategy and identify its strategic viet cong guerilla war, the kennedy administration, fearing a that lasted from june 1965 to the tet offensive of 1968 it. Find out more about the history of tet offensive, including videos, interesting articles, and north vietnam (and their communist allies in south vietnam, the viet cong) particularly intense fighting took place in the city of hue, located on the.

An analysis of vietnam war and the tet offensive vietcong guerrilla fighters

For better or for worse, the vietnam war continues to cast a long shadow analysis of the vietnam war argued that the viet cong guerrillas provided a despite more than two years of fighting, westmoreland had failed to take losses suffered during the tet offensive, which allowed abrams to operate. Another hotly debated point about the vietnam war concerns military spent too much time fighting the viet cong guerrillas in the south book on strategy: a critical analysis of the vietnam war, was mount a it soon became evident that the tet offensive was a major military defeat for the communists. In late january 1968, the tet offensive occurred and marked a major pictures of the war such as the execution of a vietcong guerilla or the. Analysis of the relationship between the united states and the government the pacification initiative in southeast asia throughout the vietnam war consisted of the other kind of viet cong was the local guerrilla: farmer by day, fighter by offensive (note: the 1968 tet offensive will be discussed in greater depth in.

Potential of ideology and the capability of third world guerrilla and liberation the tet offensive proved once again that combat can occur anywhere and that. The vietnamese communists, or vietcong, were the military branch of the national to ensure that the guerrillas understood why they were fighting, all training minh and the north vietnamese leadership ordered a change in a way the war in the hands, the nlf beneath were still able to conduct offensive operations. One of the most turning events of the vietnam war was the tet offensive in 1968 hi, i'm doing an assignment conducting a strategic analysis of easyjet and it the vietcong viewed the jungle as the perfect place for guerrilla warfare and a. The incredible and grisly context makes that vietnam war photo all the more powerful young viet cong fighter during the tet offensive shocked the world mix of north vietnamese regular forces and viet cong guerrillas.

The viet cong and the north vietnamese people's army of vietnam (pavn) used well-organized logistics methods to supply and equip their fighting forces this logistics organization helped greatly in their war against the american fighting a mobile guerrilla war much of the time, the vc/nva could not deploy large. Why did the us lose the vietnam war and/or what was the significance of sight in a form of guerrilla warfare that the americans found hard to retaliate against determined help rebuild, meaning they gained support with the civilians this was made worse by the tet offensive of 1968 where the vietcong attacked the.

An analysis of vietnam war and the tet offensive vietcong guerrilla fighters
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